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Nylon - Made from 100% SolarMax nylon, Annin’s Nyl-Glo is by far the most popular choice for commercial or home use. It features sewn stripes and embroidered stars. A good all-weather flag, it flies in the lightest breeze. Available in size 12 X 18 inch. through 30 X 60 ft, Nyl-Glo U.S. flags carry a One-Year Colorfast Guarantee.

Polyester - Made from 100% heavyweight spun polyester. This flag is extremely durable. It weighs more than Nylon and is best for high-wind areas and large sized flags. Tough –Tex is ideal for commercial or institutional use.
Available in sizes 3x5 ft. through 30 x 60 ft. , Tough-Tex U.S. flags carry a One-Year Colorfast Guarantee.

Cotton, Bulldog - Heavyweight domestic cotton bunting has a vintage texture and appearance. The colors are rich and vibrant. Featuring sewn stripes and embroidered stars, this American flag is finished with canvas heading and solid brass grommets. Matte finish for indoor or short-term outdoor use.

Note: The length of the flag should be between one-quarter to one-third the height of the flagpole.

5' x 9.5' Cotton is the traditional Casket Flag.

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