Indoor Flag Set - with Spear and No Flag

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$125.70 - $249.80

Standard Presentation & Parade Mountings with Spear.

  • Complete Indoor Flag set comes complete with the following. Simply add any Indoor Flag.
  • Liberty Floor Stand - Gold Metalicized over ABS plastic base.
  • 2-Piece Highly Polished Oak Pole with Metal screw joints.
  • 7-3/4" Gold-Plated Spear.
  • Golden Yellow Cord & Tassels.


Note: The Eagle ornament is traditionally used with the US Flag. The Spear is used with State, Foreign, & Custom Flags.


 Flag Size  Pole Size  Comments
 3' x 5' Flag  8 Foot Pole  Our Most Popular Set - For office or lobby
 4' x 6' Flag  9 Foot Pole  For Larger Rooms or Church Alters







Warning: Indoor Flag Sets should not be used outside. Wind may cause sets to tip over and cause injury.